Biblical Feasts & Holidays

The Feast of Lights: Hanukkah and Messiah’s Incarnation

Though most believers now agree that Jesus (Yeshua) was not born on December 25, those choosing to celebrate the Incarnation at this traditional time may not be far off. The best Scripture-based estimate of the timing of Messiah’s conception—and in that sense, incarnation—would be during the Hanukkah season. The implications…...

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Israel Celebrates Hanukkah

Nine-branch menorahs brighten the streets of Jerusalem. Freshly baked jelly donuts tantalizingly infuse the air. For the next few days, Jerusalem remembers Hanukkah. She recalls that time, so very long ago, when her sons and daughters overcame the spirit of the world by the Spirit of her God. As 2010…...

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Tisha B’Av and Standing Firm in Love

Tomorrow, July 30, Jewish people around the world will soberly commemorate Tisha b’Av, which simply translates, the 9th of Av. Av is the fifth month of the biblical calendar and generally corresponds to late July or early August. Tisha b’Av is of penetrating significance in the spirit realm and in…...

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