Israeli Society and Spirituality

One Critical Challenge to One New Man

ARTICLE SUMMARY: While deeply grateful for Christian support of Israel, we have watched increasing numbers, especially leaders, seek to bless the Jewish people at the cost of compromising, withholding and then denying, the Gospel. This approach was well intended. A remnant of evangelicals wanted to heal 2,000 years of Christian…...

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We Watched God Move in New Ways During the Fall Feasts: Good News from Zion

During the season of fall feasts that just ended, I believe we witnessed nothing less than Kingdom-shifting breakthroughs for the sake of world evangelization. It would not be inaccurate to say that a fresh wave of revival was released from Israel. The breakthrough and release are significant but subtle. Therefore,…...

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Prophetic Outlook for Israel

Recently I was asked to compile a summary of prophetic words about Israel for this interval of time. The compilation, reprinted below, will be presented at an international, prophetic round table taking place this month. Please bear in mind that most or all matters described are conditional, depending to varying…...

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Jewish Crisis over the Western Wall: Time for Freedom of Worship?

In the past few weeks, a conflict which has been brewing for decades erupted between Israel and the West. It does not involve settlements, UN votes, or the Palestinians. It is a crisis between Israeli Jews and Jews in the Diaspora (other nations). Many Jewish people living outside the Land…...

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PRAYER ALERT: Israel Sponsoring Globalist Luciferian Festival on July 29, 2017

“Tomorrowland – Unite” is a globalist music festival scheduled to take place in Israel in the city of Rishon Lezion on July 29. Though we rarely make such allegations, we see this event as Luciferian-driven through a “strange fire” mixture of witchcraft promoting the worship of foreign gods. The date…...

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Who Owns Jerusalem? (Probably not who you’d think.)

To the surprise of many, Christians own most of the wealthiest parts of Jerusalem. Despite global focus on the Arab-Jewish controversy, traditional churches hold title deed to large swaths of real estate here. The Prime Minister’s and President’s Residences, Knesset, Israel Museum, King David Hotel, Great Synagogue, Mamila Mall and…...

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The US Embassy is not in Jerusalem for these Historical Reasons – and Other Nations Followed

When the State of Israel was re-established in 1948, its borders were based on the UN Partition Plan of 1947. That plan divided land which had been legally set aside for a Jewish state into two states: one Jewish and one Arab. It also set Jerusalem aside as a separate…...

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Tomorrowland, Jerusalem’s Gay Parade and God’s Heart

With deep sorrow, we remind you that immediately before and after Tisha b’Av, Israel sponsored two events characterized by the Scriptures as abominable to God’s heart. The first was a globalist-driven, luciferian festival for young adults, featuring Hindu and other deities, called Tomorrowland. (We asked you to pray about Tomorrowland…...

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Purim: “Observe the days as days of feasting and joy and giving … gifts to the poor.” (Esther 9:22)

This Purim, we invite you to join us in giving to some of the neediest of needy Israelis. Together, we really can save at least one Jewish life! Your gift can help spare an unborn baby from abortion because the parents have decided they can’t afford it. ON THE HOLIDAY…...

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