How Shall We Pray Concerning President Trump’s Peace Plan?

A wholehearted thanks to each of you who prayed with us this month according to the specific, daily prayers we shared in our emails. Like the biblical character Ruth, may you be richly rewarded by the God of Israel, under whose wings you abide with much favor.

This week we edited the prayers and posted them in a “Daily Prayer Guide for Israel” on our web site. You can access, download, print and use the new Prayer Guide at We hope the guide serves as a catalyst for your prayers and blessing this year.

We did not include President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” in our prayer posts to you this month. This is mainly because the deal was not revealed until the end of the month. But also, our posts already included prayers relevant to key aspects of the proposed peace plan. We will comment later on Mr. Trump’s deal. At this time, we feel it is more important to suggest how to pray concerning it.

The prayers we suggest are general in nature, while the factual issues involved are complex and nuanced. So primarily, we urge you to pray God’s Word. Where the Word can be fairly interpreted in more than one way, we surrender to Him the precise interpretation and application. Second, we pray according to the character, heart and ways of God as revealed in Scripture.

  1. Pray and declare over the proposed plan that God’s will be done, and His kingdom come. (Matthew 6:9-13) Prayerfully proclaim, according to Psalm 33:10-11, that any aspect of this deal not of Him be thwarted: “The Lord frustrates the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes. But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever.”
  1. Pray and declare the fulfillment of God’s covenant based, prophetic restoration of Israel according to Ezekiel 36:22-28. This includes the restoration of our people both to the land and the Lord. Only He knows to what extent He desires Israel to presently inhabit all the land He promised her, given her current state of spiritual restoration.
  1. Pray for Israeli, American and Palestinian government leaders, that they operate in the fear of the Lord, with hearts malleable to His will. (1Timothy 2:1-4)
  1. Any division of land promised to Israel is biblically dangerous, so pray that no wrongful division will take place. (Joel 3:2) Often we hear believers dismiss any effort to establish peace with the Palestinians, saying there can be no genuine peace apart from the Prince of Peace. While this is true, it is still the job of governments to seek and maintain peace, security, law and order. A (or the) reason for this is for the sake of spreading the Gospel. (Jeremiah 29:7) We are praying that absolutely no Israeli land be relinquished, unless doing so is consistent with God’s will and plan for spreading the Gospel in some way which is unknown to us at this time.
  1. Pray that Israel not be caught in any demonic traps, snares or schemes of the enemy in a false peace plan doomed to fail. (Psalm 31:4;141:9) Pray the same for America. May the Holy Spirit shine His light of truth to expose all falsehoods and traps.
  1. Pray that fear of man (specifically, of President Trump) not override Israel’s fear of the Lord, leading her to wrongly comply with a deal that violates His will, backfires and harms her. (Proverbs 29:25; 14:12) Historically, this has been the case when Israel has negotiated with the Palestinians.
  1. Pray for God’s sovereignty, timing and victory in any war that might occur as a result of the proposed plan. Pray against any wave of terror in protest of the plan.
  1. Praise YHVH because He is in control, redeeming all that concerns us when we surrender to Him!