A Christian Response to Global Anti-Semitism

The Israel-Hamas War has unleashed murderous waves of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel ideologies that are unprecedented in scope worldwide. How are Bible-believing Christians to respond?

Consider that long ago, when the Jewish people returned to Israel after 70 years of exile, God spoke to them through the prophet Zechariah: “Whoever touches you,” He said, “touches the apple of My eye.” (2:8) The Hebrew word here for “touch” did not refer to a gentle or tender pat, but was used in Scripture to refer to a forceful or violent assault. In other words, those who would intentionally harm the Jewish people would, in effect, poke their finger into the center and most sensitive spot of God’s own eye.

What happens to an individual daring to stick his finger into the eye of Almighty God? History shows that person himself suffers a loss of vision. To the extent that person touches the apple of God’s eye, he himself will be spiritually blinded and deceived.

From biblical times to our day, history shows a little anti-Semitism can go a long way to blind an individual, society or nation to truth. This spiritual principle is one reason many people, especially many educated young adults, can no longer discern what is evil and wrong from that which is good and right. For decades, anti-Israel ideology has been strategically fostered on college campuses around the world, including America, to influence future global leaders.

To the extent an individual, society or nation succumbs to a satanic spirit of anti-Semitism, it inevitably invites upon itself, consciously or unconsciously, a spirit of anti-Christ. The two anti-God spiritual forces are inextricably connected.

Isaiah 60:2 speaks of a time toward the end of this age when darkness covers the earth. This anti-God darkness will be marked first by rampant and raging, global hatred of the Jewish people, then by rampant and raging, global hatred of the Jewish Messiah and those who follow Him.

But there is great hope.

In the preceding verse, Isaiah sees the glory of God graciously rising over His people. “Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” (verse 1) Friends, I believe we are now in just such a time — a time of genuine hope. I see a remnant within the Church rising up in the radiance of Yeshua, pushing back thick darkness in the love and power of the Spirit. That remnant includes many of you.

Many of you have been fasting and praying for Israel. You have reached out to Jewish communities, spoken boldly in your spheres of influence, donated to war relief funds, contacted political leaders, attended rallies in shows of support for Israel and more. Thank you!

What, on the other hand, happens to those who choose to stay silent at such a time as this? The little, one chapter book of Obadiah is packed with revelation addressing the issue. I encourage you to revisit it.

God says through Obadiah: “On the day you stood aloof on the day that strangers carried away [Israel’s] wealth and foreigners entered his gates … you were like one of them.” (verse 11) The Hebrew word translated “stood aloof” refers in this context to standing by, seeing what is happening and doing nothing to help. The point is this: Those who see the plight of the Jews and behave as mere bystanders are, from God’s perspective, not very different from those who actively perpetrate evil against the Jewish people. Quite sobering.

Friends, we encourage you to do more than watch the news, listen to absurd, anti-Israel lies propagated by mainstream and social media, and then merely stand by. It is time to rise up and shine! This time of year is often called the season of light. At a time when the world appears its darkest — at least in the northern hemisphere — we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in honor of the Light of the World. May that Light radiate upon, in and through you as you proactively support Israel in prayer, to your government officials, in your churches and other spheres of influence, and as you reach out to Jewish people worldwide.