The Jewish People and the Philippines, Iran, America and the Pope


How the Philippines Blessed the Jews

The Philippines was one of the few places on earth where Nazi hunted European Jews could find sanctuary during World War II. We encourage you to pray for and send aid to this now hurricane ravaged region. To learn the untold story of how Philippinos helped the Jewish people, watch this short video by clicking here.

Israel Will Strike Iran

… according to Israeli believers with whom we spoke this weekend at the annual Messianic Leaders Roundtable. The strong consensus in Israel, they say, is that PM Netanyahu no longer believes President Obama will prevent Iran from launching a nuclear attack against the Jewish state. Israeli civilians as well as the military are preparing for war, anticipating a devastating backlash. The question now is whether Obama can re-gain Netanyahu’s trust. Pray that our prime minister’s ultimate trust will be in God.


Americans, are you preparing yet for a convergence of dates that has not occurred since 1888 ~~ and won’t for over a thousand years? Thanksgiving and Hanukkah both fall this month on November 28. This year, God fearing Americans can take courage from the Macabbee story of Hanukkah. The holiday celebrates the miraculous victory of a small band of warrior priests (Macabbees) battling pagan secularism of their day. (You can read more details in the Hanukkah article posted on our web site.) At the same time, Israelis can be stirred to thank God for every good gift, including the existence and sustenance of our people as a nation-state. Israel lives not by might or power, but by His Spirit.

Messianic Jewish Leaders Have Audience with the Pope

Messianic Jewish leaders have met with both the past and current Catholic Popes in fruitful, closed door sessions. According to what one of the leaders who was personally involved told us, there has been significant interaction and reconciliation between believing Jews and the Catholic Church. God is doing much behind today’s global scenes!

“My heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they might be saved.” Romans 10:1