Israel Independance and Lag b’Omer Holidays – May 2016


Surprising Mathematical Evidence in Scripture that Israel’s Re-gathering is From God? Check these prophecies!

May 14 marked Israel’s 68th birthday as a sovereign, regathered Jewish state. Yet a growing number of Christian naysayers view Israeli statehood an unjust, strictly human endeavor. They do not attribute her existence to the miraculous work of God. Instead, they say, Israel represents the nations’ misplaced mercy toward Holocaust survivors – at the Palestinians’ tragic expense. Pro-Palestinians place full blame on Jewish and Christian Zionists.

Take a look at some simple math from the Hebrew Scriptures. No Bible codes are necessary, just basic addition and subtraction. Then decide for yourself whether Israel is more likely a product of desperate colonialism or divine covenant keeping!

In Ezekiel 4:4-6, God decrees He will judge the tribes of Israel 390 years for their sin; and the tribe of Judah, 40 years. Together this totals 430 years of exile for the whole nation of Israel. Judah was in exile for 70 years in Babylon (Jeremiah 29:10). Subtracting those 70 years leaves 360 years of exile.

God also says He will punish Israel 7 times for their sins (Leviticus 26:18-33). Seven times 360 years equals 2,520 years.

Now, a biblical and lunar-based year is 360 days, not 365. When the two calendars are adjusted to account for different biblical months and leap years, 2,484 Gregorian years remain. In other words, 2,484 years of exile would remain before Jewish national sovereignty could be restored. (More details can be found on this site, together with a source reference:

King Cyrus issued a decree enabling Jews to return to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon in 536 BC. Counting 2,484 years after Cyrus’ decree takes us to 1948, the year Israel declared restored, sovereign statehood. Coincidence, colonialism or covenant keeping? You decide. It’s just one piece of evidence – but God knows!


Strange Fire in Israel: The Holiday of Lag b’ Omer

Today (May 25) as I write, Israel is literally on fire – celebrating the holiday of Lag b’Omer. Across the country, bonfires are raging to honor the legacies of post-biblical, deceased rabbis and their false messiah. Even secular Jews (mostly young people) happily engage in the fire ceremonies.

But is this holy or strange fire, or can it possibly be both? You decide.

Lag b’Omer is a post-biblical holiday, not a feast of the Lord. The Hebrew name simply means the 33rd day of the omer count. (See post below of May 6 to learn about the omer count.) On this day in the 2nd century A.D., Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is said to have disclosed to his disciples his divine revelation of Jewish mysticism. Later that same day, the rabbi died. His revelation was later written up as the Zohar (“Splendor”). The Zohar serves as a basis for today’s Jewish, occult – like practice of Kabbalah.

As I write, hundreds of thousands of Israelis are now gathered at the rabbi’s grave. There (and elsewhere) they have lit bonfires to revive his legacy and celebrate Kabbalah. To watch a video of a previous year’s Lag b’ Omer celebration, visit

Besides Rabbi Shimon, Lag b’ Omer also commemorates the alleged death of over 24,000 of the disciples of Rabbi Akiva (2nd century AD) on the same day. Rabbi Akiva taught that military leader Bar Kochba was the messiah. Bar Kochba organized Israel’s rebellion against Rome in which many Jews were tragically killed. Our 2,000 year long exile followed. On Lag b’ Omer, Bar Kochba is honored for his fighting spirit. Through bonfires across the country, Israelis hope to be reignited in his same, fighting spirit.

As with any Jewish holiday, alternative rabbinic theories on Lag b’ Omer abound. But the above summary fairly represents today’s popular and mainstream view. Only God knows the hearts of each man, woman and child who lights fires, dances or celebrates on Lag b’ Omer. As for me, I am praying the fires ignite Jewish hearts to jealousy for genuine, revealed Truth and for the real Messiah given to her. I think it’s a prayer God will answer!