The 70 Year Shift Has Begun: Israel’s Anniversary and Doors of Opportunity for the Nations

At this watershed time, and even as Iran threatens to attack Israel, supernatural shakings are loosening strongholds of anti-Semitism and could help release revival in the region. We have been gratefully celebrating 70 years of God’s covenant restoration of Israel the past few weeks. Festivities formally began, according to the…...

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Saving Jewish Lives This Purim, March 1

Shalom as we approach the most joyful holiday of Purim! This is the time of year we have a unique, holy opportunity to bless needy Israelis with the gift of life. Purim is an especially appropriate time to join faith and finances, as one new humanity in Messiah, to save…...

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Why the Jewish Celebration of “Tu B’Shvat” is Relevant for Christians

Jews in Israel and around the world will celebrate the minor but joyful holiday called Tu B’Shvat this January 31. Tu B’Shvat translates as the 15th day of the 7th month of the Bible-based lunar year, Shvat. Known as the New Year for Trees, the holiday stems from the command…...

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Comforting Zion: Hospitalized Children

This #Giving Tuesday and in time for Hanukkah, together we can bless hospitalized Jewish and Arab Israeli children suffering from painful injury or disease. Most of these precious little ones are being treated for cancer or are battling other serious, degenerative diseases. On #Giving Tuesday November 28, and for a…...

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Reaffirming the Decree for Israel’s Restoration: Reviving the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917

This week marks the anniversaries of two historic, global level declarations that released Kingdom of God transformation in the earth. Courageous words penned by Martin Luther changed the Church worldwide; those of Lord Arthur Balfour altered the course of Jewish history forever. You and I are privileged to run in…...

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